Bonnie Brawlers (B Team)

Introducing the Bonnie Brawlers! The Brawlers are Dunedin Derby’s development team. We are excited to see more Brawlers moving into the Lasses training squad – some brawlers train with both the lasses and the brawlers during this time.



Daiza Darkness #4 Jammer/Blocker

Best Known For: Being determined and giving everything a go no matter how funny I look.

Other Skating Experience: As a child of the 80’s I grew up skating… I remember my father attaching a plate with wheels on the bottoms of some old sneakers because we couldn’t afford skates.

DD Member Since: 2015

Most Memorable Derby Moment: Skating out for the first time at grad bout knowing that all the hard work I had put in was worth it.


Schadenfreude #747 Jammer/Blocker

Best known for: Falling over, laughing at myself, laughing at myself falling over!

Other skating experience: A few years of ice skating lessons…

DD member since: 2015

Most memorable derby moment: Winning best jammer for my grad bout!




She_Wrex #70 Jammer/Blocker

Best known for: Getting tangled in my own limbs and other general awkwardness. It’s my style.

Other skating experience: None!

DD member since: 2015

Most memorable derby moment: Being awarded most valuable player at our grad bout against Timaru/Queenstown.


7 Deadly Cinds #7, Blocker

Best known for: Being hard to get past
Other skating experience: I used to skate as a child but that’s about it
DD member since: Feb 2015
Most memorable day: Winning our grad bout



Medusa Maimin #96, Jammer/Blocker

Best known for: Not sure…

Other skating experience: I took up figure skating as a child because my Grandparents and father all did figure skating and ice dancing.  I even did some synchronized skating for a while (I wasn’t very good though!)

Member since: 2015

Most memorable moment: Passing fresh meat and being told I was officially part of Dunedin Derby! Let the real hard work (and fun) begin!




Neon Needle #009

Best known for: Occasionally being able to sneak through the pack unnoticed…

Other skating experience: Rollerblading around my house as a child

DD member since: 2012

Most memorable Derby moment: Finally passing my 25 in 5 on the last day before fresh meat graduation


Licia Lawless #78, Blocker

Best known for: Hitting with a smile!

Other skating experience: Ice skated as a kid and ice skating with my kids once or twice.

DD member since: 2013

Most memorable derby moment: First game and looking at my girls in the crowd, who looked so proud; holding a big sign they had made.




Nellie NailHer #911, Blocker/Jammer

Best known for: Never giving up; as the song goes, I get knocked down but I get up again. Also, I get hit in the face a lot

Other skating experience: Not since I was a kid and back then my skating style was unique to say the least

DD member since: 2012

Most memorable Derby moment: Finally passing my 25 laps in 5 minutes with a couple of laps extra




KneecappHer #23, Blocker

Best known for: Being the loud Irish one!

Other skating experience: 27 years ago I skated in my backyard with my dog hahah! That’s it!

DD member since: 2014

Most memorable Derby moment: Passing min skills, acing my knowledge test and captaining the winning team at my grad bout! Yeeoww!!



Maxx Guevara #452 Jammer/Blocker

Best known for: Showing off my hyperflexibility whilst stretching, or so they say!

Other skating experience: None prior to freshmeat

DD member since: 2015

Most memorable Derby moment: First scrimmage with the league, I was so excited!!!




Wheely Vicious #95, Blocker, Captain

Best known for: Never giving up.

Other skating experience: Lots of skating as a youngster

DD member since: 2014

Most memorable Derby moment: Finally passing minimum skills including the dreaded laps, my first scrimmage and the grad bout.




Munther ShuntHer #717, Blocker/Jammer

Best Known for: Being too aggressive….my Railway potty mouth…

Other Skating experience: Magic River Skateland!! Was the place to be on the weekends growing up in good old Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Member since: 2014

Most memorable moments: Having a Lass tell you that you were a pain in the ass in scrimmage….haha!! Compliments are good!!


Photos courtesy of the talented Andrew MacKay, our very own “Poparazzi” from