Gallow Lasses (A Team)

The Gallow Lasses are Dunedin Derby’s elite travel team, chosen to represent the league in bouts and tournaments at home and around the country.

Incorporating some of Dunedin’s Scottish heritage, the team name is a derivative of the name Gallowglasses who were elite tribal mercenaries that formed a large part of Gaelic armies between the mid 13th century and late 16th century.

DivaDiva DemolisHER #75, Jammer

Best known for: Going fast, never missing training.

Other skating experience: As a kid my dad managed a roller skating rink so I had plenty of time to work on my skating skills from an early age.

DD member since: 2010

Most memorable derby moment: Making the New Zealand team would have to be the highlight of my derby career.

SisterSister Strychnine #19, Blocker

Best known for: Jumping over civilians, jumping the apex, and winning the after party.

Other skating experience: As a child, I navigated the garden path with a pair of brightly coloured plastic strap-on-over-your-shoes quad skates.

DD member since: April 2010

Most memorable derby moment: I have met so many amazing women through this sport and we have shared some fantastic times. Home bouts are where the magic happens for me. I love our fans!


SmashRuby Smash #14, Blocker

Best known for: Being hard to knock down.

Other skating experience: I am a child of the 80’s – what more experience do you need!

DD member since: 2011

Most memorable derby moment: Being told I was allowed to dress up in this sport. Best thing ever. And I love the moments where we sit in a circle and discuss our feelings about derby. (Take everything you just read, think of the opposite and that might be more like it….Smash didn’t write her profile in time…)


PidgeonPigeon Defective #43

Best known for: Having a laugh and my spectacular crab dance

Other skating experience: None

DD member since: 2012

Most memorable Derby moment: Passing minimum skills and becoming a part of the league.

ADOM-20160322-0066Fox-Z #22, Blocker/Pivot

Best known for: I love scrimmage. Diva calls me a fox terrier because I get so excited and jump around like an idiot when it’s scrimmage time.

DD member since: 2011

Other skating experience: None. I couldn’t stand up when I started, it was pretty funny.

Most memorable derby moment: So many! I love skating out to the bagpipes, it’s such a great feeling. I love being at training when we master a new drill or skill as a team. I love being part of something which is so fun and requires so much discipline and determination. I love when we WIN GAMES!


VenoMiss Vixen #68V8, Jammer/Blocker

Best known for: Giving it my all on the track, and partying hard at the after parties.

Other skating experience: I spent a lot of time roller skating as a kid.

DD member since: 2012

Most memorable derby moment: Skating out to my first home crowd as a Gallow Lass!



Ana Phylaxis #21, Blocker

Best known for: Attempting tricks then injuring myself

Other skating experience: None really. I had a brief one-day career at the skate rink on Kaikorai Valley Road age 6. It ended badly – I needed to sit on a donut cushion for a week.

DD member since: 2010

Most memorable Derby moment: So far, Hell on the Harbour. I don’t think anything can come close to the excitement and hype of our seeing & hearing first home crowd cheering us on.


RocketRocket Queen #13, Blocker

Best known for:  Fancy footwork on the track

Other skating experience:  Skated since I was 5yrs old – did a bit of artistic, and a bit of speed skating.

DD member since: 2013 (transferred from Richter City which I joined in 2008)

Most memorable Derby moment:  My first boot camp, Blood’n’Thunder ‘09. We skated 8+ hours a day during a heatwave, I got my first (and last!) fishnet burn & got knocked across the room by two of NZ’s best blockers for my 30th birthday!!


Little Yellow Jacket, #127, Blocker/Jammer

Best known for: Her aggression and awesome offensive moves.  Also her tenacity – coming back after a major injury and being better than ever!
Other skating experience: Yellow was an original DD coach; coming to us able to skate and ready to derby.
DD member since: 2010
Most memorable derby moment:  Every time Yellow plays you can see that she enjoys it – she loves being part of such an awesome sport and such an amazing team.



MacdeathLady MacDeath #94, Blocker/Jammer

Best known for: My fiery determination on the track

Other skating experience: Minimal experience but I’m catching up now!

DD member since: 2012

Most memorable derby moment: My blossoming derby marriage, the first time I got on the track to scrimmage with the whole league and being selected for the Bonnie Brawlers.


Saradactyl, #89, Jammer/blocker

Best known for: my crochet toe guards

Other skating experience: roller skated as a kid

DD member since: 2013

Most memorable derby moment: Getting mobbed by small girls who wanted photos with me after the bout against DED

KarmaKarma Suits Ya #2, Blocker

Best known for: Hits: Voted Hardest Hitter Freshmeat 2013 and MVP June 2014.

Other skating experience: None prior to Freshmeat.

DD Member since: April 2013

Most memorable derby moment: Nailing the Jammer in June bout!






Iodine Lashes #131, Jammer/blocker

Best known for: Being fast on my feet and nipping through gaps!

Other skating experience: Played around on skates as a kid.

DD member since: 2012

Most memorable Derby moment: Playing in our graduation bout, being able to put all our hard work into practice!



AxleRoseAxle Rosé #79, Jammer

Best known for: Juking and agility

Other skating experience: Growing up in the 80’s..skating was cool!!!

DD member since: 2014

Most memorable Derby moment: First scrimmage…being so pumped up on adrenaline I couldn’t sleep!!


Photos courtesy of the talented Andrew MacKay, our very own “Poparazzi” from