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What is Roller Derby

Roller Derby is a women’s full contact team sport. It’s a huge amount of fun for both players and fans!

In Roller Derby, two teams race around a track while trying to score maximum points. There are five girls on each team: a Jammer and four Blockers. The Jammers from both teams race around the track, passing through the Blockers as many times as they can within a 2-minute period called a Jam.

The Jammer is able to score points by passing the opposing team’s blockers. This sounds easy, but the blockers are able to use their hips, shoulders and torsos to prevent the jammer from passing. Of course, the jammer can hit back as well.

Point scoring begins on the Jammer’s second pass through the pack and of course the team with the highest accumulation of points at the end of the 60-minute bout wins!

We love this video, which we have borrowed from the Hammer City Roller Girls, as it explains the basics of derby really well.


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