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Freshmeat is the term given to aspiring Roller Derby players…they are our beginners. Freshmeat will complete a 20 week training program specifically tailored to teach all the necessary skills required to pass a minimum skills test and be eligible for a bouting team.

If you are keen to join then we recommend that you contact us and join our Facebook page.

About Freshmeat Training

Our Freshmeat period runs for 20 weeks and freshmeat are expected to attend a minimum of 80% of trainings.

Level one

  • Basic skating form
  • Stopping
  • Falling Safely
  • Footwork/Technique


Level two

  • Weaving
  • Pack Skating
  • Jumping
  • Blocking
  • Whipping
  • Game Strategy

Other Points

  • After 20 weeks, you will be responsible for subs
  • The WFTDA Minimum Skills Assessment will take place after 20 sessions
  • The WFTDA Written Exam must be passed with a minimum score of 85% prior to competition

How to join

Prior to your first skate you need to complete the following. You will be given all necessary paperwork by your freshmeat liason.

  1. Complete an enrolment form and return with a one-off payment – this will cover your 90-day trial period
  2. Read and sign the Dunedin Derby disclaimer form
  3. Read and sign the Dunedin Derby Code of Conduct

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