Poster for Midwinter derby bout

Midwinter Brawl – Dunedin’s Gallow Lasses vs Christchurch’s Dead End Derby All Stars


There’s ice on the ground, and snow on the way… temperatures might be plummeting outside, but things are heating up on the roller derby track! Introducing our MIDWINTER BRAWL!


Dunedin Derby’s Gallow Lasses are up against Christchurch’s Dead End Derby All Stars. Come beat that wicked winter chill by wrapping up warm, and joining us for an exciting roller derby bout between these two A-teams. It’s sure to be a nail-bitingly close game, with some spectacular hits, and plenty of (friendly) rivalry!


Saturday 18th June, Edgar Centre, Court 5, Dunedin

Doors open at 6:15pm. Game starts at 6:30pm.

Donation entry, Adults $10, Children $5.

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