Diva DemolisHer #75


Best known for: Going fast, never missing training.
Other skating experience: As a kid my dad managed a roller skating rink so I had plenty of time to work on my skating skills from an early age.
DD member since: 2010
Most memorable derby moment: Making the New Zealand team would have to be the highlight of my derby career.

Iodine Lashes #131


Best known for: Being fast on my feet and nipping through gaps!
Other skating experience: Played around on skates as a kid.
DD member since: 2012
Most memorable Derby moment: Playing in our graduation bout, being able to put all our hard work into practice!

Sister Strychnine #19


Best known for: Jumping over civilians, jumping the apex, and winning the after party.
Other skating experience: As a child, I navigated the garden path with a pair of brightly coloured plastic strap-on-over-your-shoes quad skates.
DD member since: April 2010
Most memorable derby moment: I have met so many amazing women through this sport and we have shared some fantastic times. Home bouts are where the magic happens for me. I love our fans!

Ruby Smash #14


Best known for: Being hard to knock down.
Other skating experience: I am a child of the 80’s – what more experience do you need!
DD member since: 2011
Most memorable derby moment: Being told I was allowed to dress up in this sport. Best thing ever. And I love the moments where we sit in a circle and discuss our feelings about derby. (Take everything you just read, think of the opposite and that might be more like it….Smash didn’t write her profile in time…)

Fox-Z #22

Blocker / Coach

Best known for: I love scrimmage. Diva calls me a fox terrier because I get so excited and jump around like an idiot when it’s scrimmage time.
DD member since: 2011
Other skating experience: None. I couldn’t stand up when I started, it was pretty funny.
Most memorable derby moment: So many! I love skating out to the bagpipes, it’s such a great feeling. I love being at training when we master a new drill or skill as a team. I love being part of something which is so fun and requires so much discipline and determination. I love when we WIN GAMES!

Ana Phylaxis #23


Best known for: Attempting tricks then injuring myself
Other skating experience: None really. I had a brief one-day career at the skate rink on Kaikorai Valley Road age 6. It ended badly – I needed to sit on a donut cushion for a week.
DD member since: 2010
Most memorable Derby moment: So far, Hell on the Harbour. I don’t think anything can come close to the excitement and hype of our seeing & hearing first home crowd cheering us on.

Little Yellow Jacket #127

Blocker / Coach

Best known for: Her aggression and awesome offensive moves.  Also her tenacity – coming back after a major injury and being better than ever!
Other skating experience: Yellow was an original DD coach; coming to us able to skate and ready to derby.
DD member since: 2010
Most memorable derby moment:  Every time Yellow plays you can see that she enjoys it – she loves being part of such an awesome sport and such an amazing team.

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