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Join us! We're always recruiting new skaters and officials to join our league. Freshmeat intake usually starts in March, or join in as an official! We also run casual skate sessions one Sunday a month- follow us on Facebook to find out when the next session is!

Family Skate

This is a fun session open to anyone who wants to skate, whether you want to join Dunedin Derby, want to become a better recreational skater, or want to bring the kids along to experience roller skating in a bright, high-energy environment.

Dunedin Derby skaters are on hand to assist those people who are just starting out, or want to improve their technique.  They will show you the basics and help you build your confidence and ability. We encourage you to bring your own gear – skates, helmet, mouth guard, protective padding – and we have skates and extra protective gear available for hire (first in, first served!)

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for dates!

Where: Edgar Centre

Cost: Edgar Centre entry fee and gold coin for gear hire (if required)

Who can come: Anyone and everyone!

Freshmeat: new skaters

Freshmeat is the term given to aspiring Roller Derby players…they are our beginners. Freshmeat will complete a 20 week training program specifically tailored to teach all the necessary skills required to pass a minimum skills test and be eligible for a bouting team.

About Freshmeat Training

Our Freshmeat period runs for 20 weeks and freshmeat are expected to attend 80% of trainings.

Level one

  • Basic skating form

  • Stopping

  • Falling Safely

  • Footwork/Technique

Level two

  • Weaving

  • Pack Skating

  • Jumping

  • Blocking

  • Whipping

  • Game Strategy

How to join

Just message us via our Facebook page or email us at and we will send you info on our next Fresh Meat intake.


As an official, you will be part of the team that oversees and facilitates the game. Officials are required to keep track of points scored, award penalties for illegal behaviour and actions, and to maintain the integrity of the game.

How many officials are required?

There can be up to 15 officials needed for a game.  Each official has a specific function, which is very necessary to the sport. It’s a very fast-paced game and requires many eyes on the track.

Non-skating Officials (NSOs)

Not every official position requires skates. New officials often start out in non-skating positions, allowing them to focus on learning the game and acclimate themselves to the high energy of the bout. NSOs are officials in every sense, including the ability to award penalties to players, and are just as important to the game as skating referees.  All that is required is the desire to learn more about roller derby, and willingness to help out.


(all referees must be on skates)

While almost anyone can become a Roller Derby referee, the time commitment can be significant. Regular attendance at practices and meetings is required, as well as learning and understanding all the rules. The position is important and needs to be taken seriously because without officials Roller Derby bouts couldn’t happen. But don’t worry, it’s not all seriousness, and all the other officials in the league are there to help you as you learn the sport.

Want to get involved? Just message us via our Facebook page or email us at


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If you're interested in learning to skate, become an official or just join the next family skate, just message us via our Facebook page. Alternatively, email us at 

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