Our Teams

During the year, our skaters train and play in two teams. Our A-team is called the Gallow Lasses and our development team is the Bonnie Brawlers. We also play home bouts in temporary teams, often themed around a certain time of  year (eg we might have a fun, Halloween themed game between the Smashing Pumpkins and Monster Mash). Read more below about our main league teams!


Bonnie Brawlers

Introducing the Bonnie Brawlers! With a catchy chant that always includes "PINK BITS", the  Brawlers are our fiesty B-team.  Each year, more fresh meat graduate and join the Brawlers, which means the roster changes pretty frequently. The Brawlers are an awesome team, with a tonne of heart, positivity, and a lot of love for derby.


Gallow Lasses

The Lasses were the first team formed by Dunedin Derby, at the end of 2011. A handful of the squad has been on the team since that first game, with the majority of the players joining more recently as they move up through the Brawlers development team. The Lasses are passionate, hard-working and love playing derby together.